Limousine sweet 16

Sweet 16 Limousine

Limousine rental for sweet 16

Lives and celebrates the utmost of your sweet 16 riding in a beautiful limousine well equipped with everything you need to make you very happy on that special day. Imagine strolling through Miami or any area of South Florida and enjoy of the scenery and beautiful places, and fun to you, of course accompanied by friends or family.

sweet 16 limo

You can create a list of travel and activities you want to do to celebrate in style your birthday 16, take and share photos to immortalize that day. We offer internally a limousine decorated with details of the theme you have for your sweet 16, plus drinks (non-alcoholic) of your choice. Limousine transfer to a dance hall or ride around the city, they are your sweet 16, that is your desire, it’s your choice, live it and feel it the most.

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